southern serengeti

Lake Ndutu


At the heart of the South Serengeti lies the world famous Ndutu. Offering consistently the best wildlife viewing during the green season, Ndutu is strategically situated at the center of the southern plains although the immediate area is blanketed with a forest of acacia trees. Since the 1960s, Ndutu had been a favorite destination for many distinguished authors, filmmakers and wildlife biologists. Researchers Jane Goodall and Hugo van Lawick used Ndutu as a base for much of their research.


The Triangle

The triangle is a beautiful stretch of plains is home to high densities of animals. During the green season, the short grass plains in this triangular shaped area are the feeding ground of a staggering number of migratory herbivores including wildebeest, zebra, gazelle and the carnivores, both great and small, which follow the migratory herds. Because there is no permanent water on these plains and because the grass withers at the onset of the dry season, much of wildlife can only subsist here during the green season


Kusini Plains

Kusini is a unique combination of habitats with grasslands fading into woodlands. Many different species are able to coexist in this area due to the overlapping of habitats. Besides the migratory animals, this area boasts an abundance of resident animals including elephant, giraffe, buffalo and two lion prides. However, the crown jewel here is a secret spot nicknamed ‘Kusini Crater’, a circular grassy plain completed encircled by dense acacia trees, which is known for large wildlife concentrations including cheetah.serengetis-kusiniplains-4


Olduvai Gorge

Learn about archaeology, history and our ancient hominid ancestors at Olduvai Gorge. Olduvai Gorge is a canyon carved by water through the southern Serengeti plains. Its chief claim to fame is the rich treasure-trove of human and animal fossils that it has yielded. Few places in the world can match the Serengeti’s long human history and this fact has earned this part of Africa the title ‘Cradle of Mankind’. There is a museum and visitor’s center overlooking the gorge as well as a daily lecture by a department of Antiquities guide.serengetis-olduvaigorge-1serengetis-olduvaigorge-9.jpg


If you want to see the wildebeest migration,visit December through July;if you want to see predators,June through October.


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