In East Africa the sun rises at around 6:15A.M,but baboons do not come down out of the trees until 8:00 or 8:30; this may be either response to predators,many of which are most active in the early ours of the morning,or during certain seasons,depend on the food availability the baboons may not have to go far for food that day.


The only nonhuman  predator the baboons will not face,but flee is the lion,though lions have much respect for baboons’s weapons will avoid them when other prey is available.Cheetahs,leopard,wild dogs,hyenas and jackals can be chased away especially when their on their own.These predators are usually successfully only when they can creep up on the troop and take a member by surprise,but with fifty pairs of eyes watching for danger this is not easy,as anyone who has ever tried to approach a wild baboon troop knows.

The most seriously predator for the  baboon is man,and baboons are very wary indeed of him and his weapons.In most part of Africa the baboon is hardly considered “wildlife” at all.Outside of the national parks and reserves,baboons are classified as vermin,and as the result of their crop-raiding habits,their slaughtered in a great numbers thought Africa.Nevertheless,they are cunning creatures and not about to be exterminated.It’s interesting that baboons will run for the safety of tall trees when a lion approaches and there bark and screech at it,but will avoid trees when they spot human.Baboons have learned that they are not safe fro rifles and short guns in even the tallest trees.


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