Do animals get drunk on marula fruits


The alcoholic content of the marula fruit has been established scientifically,indicating that decomposing fruit has the highest levels.To equal the amount of alcohol contained in a can of beer,some 400 decayed berries(+ or -60kgs) would have to be consumed,7,5kg of fresh fruit,which in practice would not cause inebriation.A small animal like baboon,would have great difficult in consuming that amount of food .Considering however,that  an elephant can consume up to 280kg of food per day,the possibility of intoxication is not completely ruled out.Dr Piet van Wyk refers to an extremely aggressive elephant which had to be destroyed in the kruger National park,the blood of which contained high levels of  an alcoholic-like substance.It’s therefore generally accepted that although it does not cause conventional ‘drunkenness’ , high alcoholic levels caused by fruit fermenting in the stomach could cause certainly result in unpredictable behavior. Like this bull elephant who blocked our car for almost 1hour in Lake manyara national park at lake shore circuit.



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