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Long Way Expeditions offers you a wholesome and distinct insight into the wonders of Africa’s amazingly diverse, wildlife, history and culture.

Our Africa travel experience is arranged by African professional tour guides. We are a diverse family and team born and bred in Africa, who love the continent and care to deliver the finest tour experiences from a native perspective. We offer unique custom tailored safari experiences. Our natural advantage allows us to offer an authentic experience of its people, breathtaking beauty and power of raw life with its unforgettable sense of wilderness and outback sovereignty.

Karibu Africa

Explore Tanzania with the help of the listed itineraries. Long Way Expeditions itineraries have been prepared with the view of enabling visitors to explore the best attractions in the country and can be easily adjusted to fit in the itineraries of international and local travellers. Each itinerary consists of a series of experiences and activities surrounding one attraction that is easily accessible from one location. The time span allocated for each tour is between seven to eleven days and can be easily re-scheduled to suite each and every requirement. Visitors are welcome to mix and match itineraries to suit their taste.


                                   AROUND ARUSHA

We  provide an altenative  to the safari scene in town,and opportunity to experience local culture.The following are the most popular tour in Arusha. before the starting of your safari  , hikking mountain Kilimanjaro or Meru



For the birds lovers there are many birds species around the forests and in the open areas you just need your binocular and the local guide will lead you to find out how many birds species are found in a particular area.


                                PRICE PER PERSON: $55

                   (Will Include Private Transport and Entrance fees  )                                                        


                         FOREST WALKING

The nature walk provide you with an opportunity to see animals like colubus monkey,blue monkey,red duiker,valvet monkey and some insects

                              PRICE:  $45 Per Person

                  ( which will include private transport and entrence fees)

                                              VILLAGE WALKING (MERU BOMA)

An opportunity to interact with local,learn their  culture and the language and may be taste the food!!! The locals here are Meru tribe community and Maasai community.



                               Masai Boma  Price per group            

                    PRICE: $100 (Will Include Private Transport and any entrance fee)


                  Meru Boma  Price for 2 pax – $85      

             (Will Include Private Transport and any entrance fee)

                       WATER FALL (NAPURU)




                                    PRICE FOR 2 PAX $85

                               (Will Include Private Transport and any entrance fee)       


The  Bomang’ombe hot water spring is situated 2 hours from Arusha,it is nice place to visit if you have the whole day in Arusha.

hot spring

                                                                   PRICE FOR 2 PAX:  $120

                                  (Will Include Private Transport and  entrance fee)

                                LAKE DULUTI AND FOREST

This small and tranquil crater lake lies about 11km from Arusha just off the main road,near the small town of Tengeru(known for it’s colourful saturday and wednesday market).It’s a part of the forest reserve.The forest is the home of the blue monkey,valvet monkey, monitor lizards around the lake plenty of the water birds like comorant,king fisher,heroins and many more.A,part from nature walk canoeing also is major activity.


                                    PRICE PER GROUP: ( 1 TO 4 PEOPLE)  – PRICE: $105

                                 (Will Include Private Transport and any entrance fee)



A perfect day out to discover the local culture of the Arusha region.


The Mulala village is a typical rural setting on the southern slopes of Mount Meru, surrounded by spectacular views. It lies at about 1.700m above sea level and you wind your way up to the mountain through a maze of lush, green vegetation dotted with small farms. Several women of the village have set up small co operations in order to support economic activities and start new income generating projects

Take a walk through the Mountain Green Coffee farm, learn about the coffee plantation and participate in the local way of de-fruiting and drying coffee seeds. Of course you can sample a cup of homemade coffee which you’ll prepare yourself. Afterwards walk through the village criss-crossing banana farms up to a height of about 1.800m, from where you can enjoy the spectacular view of Mount Meru and the Kilimanjaro, the village of Usa River and Lake Duluti.

After a local lunch in a private home you visit the Mountain Green cheese making unit, where cheeses like Gouda, Cheddar and Feta are produced in the local way, using partly biogas.





PRICE FOR 1 PERSON:   –  $100 


 (Will Include Transportation to / from the village, guide fee , visit to the farms, lunch)



Arusha is the one of  Tanzania’s most developed and fastest- growing Town .there are things to do in Arusha like visiting small Arusha declaration museum , has a moderately interesting information on post-colonial Tanzanian History.  visiting the orphanage school center , Local market


visiting The school





                                    PRICE PER CAR – PRICE: $85

                                  (Will Include Private Transport and entrance fee)




We also offer the Safari to the snake park whereby we can be able to see different species of reptilians such as snakes, crocodiles, tortoise and chameleon, also we will have the chance to learn more about Maasai culture and camel raiding.


                                         PRICE PER PAX –    $ 95

                                          KILL GOLF AND POLO CLUB.

The Kill golf is situated 35km from Arusha town just off the main road. You can spend your time playing golf or horse ridding with the great view   of mount Kilimanjaro  and mount Meru

(  Entrance you will pay yourself)

                                            ($100  Will Include Private Transport Only)





Horse ridding at kaskaz horse ridding club is another experience.Imagine ridding a horse through acacia  woodland with zebras and elands grazing just one meter from the horse…..

Horse riding for your own payment

                                            ($100  Will Include Private Transport Only)